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Pyr0-Piezo Changelog 76b4ba6 to v2.0.0

Added Features


Full Changelog

  • fixed footprint for LM2902, optimized traces view commit
  • Removed VCC_Reg output smoothing transistor view commit
  • Added Fusion source files for Creality OEM mount view commit
  • Reduced FFC breakout overall size, begin rewire view commit
  • Added support channels for upper bearings view commit
  • Added folder structure for firmware source view commit
  • Added v2.0.0 Extruder board, rewire for 60p view commit
  • Added drawing for Standalone board component layout view commit
  • Brought FFC extruder board up to v1.1 spec view commit
  • Pushing changed files saved after exporting gerber view commit
  • Modified footprints and added 3D Models for caps view commit
  • Added drawings and docs for Extruder FFC v1.1.0 view commit
  • Added firmware hex file used in alpha boards view commit
  • Rev.2.0.0 - Rewired for full piezo circuit control view commit
  • Corrected naming convention for Standalone 1.0.2 view commit
  • Exported PDF schematics of all boards that have been fabricated view commit
  • Moved schematics to correct documentation folder view commit
  • Added guide for configuring Marlin on rev.1.x.x view commit
  • Minor adjustments to silkscreen and traces view commit
  • Fixed view commit
  • Added basic serial input to modify parameters view commit
  • Added the serial input function to the loop view commit
  • compiled 1.0.2 firmware with fixed output pins view commit
  • Updated schematic with cleaned up and labelled circuit view commit
  • Removed cavity behind bearings causing binding view commit
  • Started Creality X-axis extruder breakout board view commit
  • Added pin assignments for serial/i2c comms on FFC view commit
  • removed unused firmware, renamed existing to follow nomenclature view commit
  • Added component layout docs for rev.2.0.0 view commit
  • Added schematic for wiring up UART for programming view commit
  • Finished trace routing for amp diagnostics pads view commit