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What's this for?

An Ultra-Sensitive Z-probe sensor utilizing the mechanical force of the nozzle touching the bed, giving a direct measurement with no offsets or referential assumptions to consider

Optionally there is a version that incorporates an FFC Cable chain (Flat Flexible Cable) that can carry the entire print-head's signals and current in a clean and organized way

Why is this better than <X> sensor?

  • Vs. Inductive / capacitative sensors:

    No Offset, more accurate, doesn't require special surface

  • Vs. Mechanical touch (BL-Touch, servo mounted endstops):

    No Offset, more accurate

  • Vs. removable pressure sensor:

    More accurate, no need for attaching a device only for levelling

  • Vs. Optical rangefinder / Time of Flight:

    Much more accurate, doesnt require specific surface

  • Vs. Mechanical endstops:

    All the things

  • Vs PrecisionPiezoUK version:

    No potentiometer calibration required, better false-signal filtering


  • Self-calibrating (no more fiddling with tiny potentiometers!)
  • Ultra-precise z-height measurements
  • Zero offset (The nozzle itself is the sensor!)
  • Compatible with ALL surface types
  • No plugging in removable sensors for leveling
  • Tunable over UART / I2C

FFC Cable Chain Extra Features:

  • FFC Cable chain for a clean connection between print head and controller
  • Onboard switchable DC buck converter for 12v or 5v fan operation
  • LED Feedback on all PWM components Standalone version available for drop-in installation