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Pyr0-Piezo Changelog v2.1.2 to v2.1.3

Added Features

  • setting up syntax for changelogs on the docs site view commit

  • Added comprehensive changelog generated from script view commit

  • Added debug output to trigger function view commit

  • Added gain factor to serial debug output view commit

  • new version EasyPiezi-v2.1.2 - adds extra test points view commit

  • added usage output to serial by sending view commit


  • fixed syntax for table of contents on changelog view commit

  • added additional separator between sections added by changelog script view commit

  • commented out main loop trigger reset view commit

  • fixed definition parameter for I2C config view commit

  • Slight adjustment to wire routing for better spacing view commit

  • fixed footprint for RGB LED (default polarity was backwards) view commit

  • fixed incorrect resistor values on FFC Direct vreg view commit

  • fixed 0606 rgb led footprint view commit

  • Fixed serial input updating the wrong variable view commit

Full Changelog