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Fusion 360 Resources

On this page you'll find Autodesk Library links for all of the boards and current mounts designed for the Pyr0-Piezo Project

Pyr0-Piezo Boards

EasyPiezi v2.3.x

Pyr0-Piezo FFC v2.1.x

Pyr0-Piezo FFC X-Breakout v2.1.x

Pyr0-Piezo FFC X-Breakout X-Min

Pyr0-Piezo FFC X-Breakout Assembly

Pyr0-Piezo FFC Controller Breakout v2.3.x

Pyr0-Piezo FFC Controller Enclosure

EzPzEffector v2.3.x

Pyr0-Piezo SingleDisk Adapter PCB

Pyr0-Piezo Orion Adapter PCB

Pyr0-Piezo AVR Programmer Assembly

Creality Original Printer Head

Loredan's Implementation (Bare 20mm Piezo Disk)

Hotend-agnostic Hinged Mount (Model includes several hidden parts for alternate hotends)

Kender 3 w/ Zesty Nimble

ADIMLab Gantry-S

On-Head Mount

Generic Delta with EzPzEffector And E3Dv6 Hotend

Folgertech Delta EzPzEffector Assembly

Hypercube Evo

Hypercube Evo On-Head (Bare Piezo Disk)

Prusa i3 and Clones


Makerbot / Flashforge

Replicator Gantry Mount (WIP)

Monoprice Delta Mini

MPDM 20mm Piezo Disk Indexer


Railcore II 300ZL (Under Bed Implementation)