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Integration using I2C

Default I2C Address: 0x10

I2C Command Register Map

see Pyr0-Piezo Parameters Explanation for more specific details on the command aliases.

I2C Register Command Alias Arguments Type Bytes Length
0x00 GAIN_F Gain Factor Input 2
0x01 VFOL Millivolts Input 2
0x02 VCOMP Millivolts Input 2
0x03 LOOP_D Milliseconds Input 2
0x04 TRG_D Milliseconds Input 2
0x05 HYST Millivolts Input 2
0x06 LOGIC Boolean Input 2
0x07 PZDET Boolean Input 2
0x08 CONST Millivolts Input 4
0x09 CONFIG None Output 32
0x0a ERASE None Input 1
0x0b STATE None Output 10
0x0c SIGVOL Boolean Input 1
0x0d VCCADJUST Millivolts Input 2

I2C Command Syntax

I2C input syntax uses "Least Significant Byte First" formatting, which means the data bytes are sent in reverse order:

[Address Byte] [Command Byte] [Data 8] ... [Data 0]

For example, to set the Logic output to Active Low:

0x10 0x06 0x00

Or to set VCOMP to 2650:

0x10 0x02 0x5A 0x0A