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Pyr0-Piezo Changelog v2.1.1 to v2.1.2

Added Features


Full Changelog

  • Fixed "Flappy DAC" bug in rev.2.x.x firmware view commit

  • removed last remaining float, cleaned up unused vars view commit

  • Added mkdocs for readthedocs integration view commit

  • started adding structure to the site view commit

  • switched to faster digitalWrite function for interrupt function view commit

  • added document structure, site output to gitignore view commit

  • Merge branch 'master' of view commit

  • Added a few FAQ's view commit

  • Switched to task scheduler library for faster interrupt processing view commit

  • Created variable for voltmeter constant, fixed whitespace a bit view commit

  • Complete overhaul of i2c code, created library structure view commit

  • Changed compiler structure for including I2C view commit

  • Added i2c input handler for long variable view commit

  • Migrated configs to separate header file, made adjustment to definition view commit

  • Changed compiler behavior for i2c. I2C library is still broken view commit