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Pyr0-piezo Beta Unit Firmware Update

The firmware for this project can be updated using one of three methods, VS Code, Arduino IDE, or avrdude.

Please be sure you've already wired up your sensor's UART port

VS Code (Preferred Application)

Installing dependencies

  1. Install VS Code from Micosoft's official page
  2. Use the "Extensions" menu to install PlatformIO.
  3. (Optional) Install extra plugins to assist in development:
    • GitLense
    • markdownlint
    • Markdown Preview Enhanced
    • C/C++
    • C++ Intellisense


  1. In PIO Home, open the firmware folder:
    • ~/pyr0piezo/firmware/AVR-Source/Pyr0_Piezo_sensor_v2.x.x
  2. Make certain you're on the latest develop branch
    • In GitLense, under the "Repositories" menu, expand the "Branches" menu
    • Right click on develop and select "Switch to Branch"
    • Back at the top of the "Repositories" menu, hover the mouse over Pyr0_Piezo_Sensor_v2.x.x and click first on fetch, then on pull


  1. Make any desired adjustments to default values in src/pP_config.h
  2. Click the "PlatformIO: Upload" button found in the bottom bar of the VS Code window
  3. Verify Serial connection by opening the Serial Monitor and typing CONFIG or STATE. You should get a response.

Arduino IDE

  1. Install Arduino IDE from Arduino's official page
  2. Under File > Preferences > Additional Board Manager URL's, Add:



  1. Install a bash-like terminal. Choose from a number of options:
    • [Windows Subsystem for Linux]
    • [CygWin]
    • [Mingw64]
    • [Git Bash (Comes bundled with git)]
  2. Download the [avrdude binaries]
  3. Extract the binaries somewhere your terminal can find them


Ubuntu/Debian Distro's
sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y avrdude
Fedora/RHEL/CentOS Distros
sudo yum install -y avrdude