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Pyr0-Piezo Changelog 551fcb7 to cfa0abc

Added Features


Full Changelog

  • Initial upload of arduino sketch for the atmega48 view commit
  • Removed debug serial output, fixed voltage reference divisor view commit
  • Merge branch 'master' of view commit
  • Fixed syntax error in voltage adjustment function view commit
  • Fixed syntax error in Error State function view commit
  • Reduced default loop time, syntax errors were resolved view commit
  • Added comments for PCInt vs Int pin usage view commit
  • Moved test points for spi to ICSP standard header view commit
  • Adjusted trace placement, added logo to bottom of board view commit
  • Updated standalone board with final piezo circuit view commit
  • Created separate sketch for smaller flash view commit
  • Begin refactor of sketch for smaller flash footprint view commit
  • Added description to Eagle project folder view commit