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Railcore II Under-Bed Integration

The Railcore has a print bed mounting system that is ideal for placing a piezo pickup between the yoke and the bed itself. This integration requires 3x piezo elements wired in parallel.

Railcore Integration Side View

Railcore Integration Overhead View

Railcore Integration Bed Off

Railcore Integration Close Up

Parts required:

  • 1x EasyPiezi Module
  • 3x pP SingleDisk Adapter
  • 1x pP Delta Wiring Harness (or DIY spliced wires)
  • 3x 1/8th in. ID, 3/16th Height Rubber Grommet
  • 2x M3 4mm Bolt
  • Printed parts below:

Z-Yoke with SingleDisk Adapter Mount (Print two normal, one Mirrored)

Piezo Actuator (Print three)